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I founded Great Scott Gadgets in an effort to put exciting, new tools into the hands of innovative people.


The Great Scott Gadgets blog covers everything relatively recent.

Here is the home of the 5-in-1 Network Admin's Cable. It was featured in the premiere issue of Make.


I enjoy playing guitar, piano, and trombone.

I prefer to typeset my music with GNU Lilypond.

Here's a random page I wrote on how to write pop horn parts.


I live in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado.


Lars Hansen and I hope to build a working clock entirely out of ice. My blog tells the story.

Print a Protractor for conventional measurement of angles or to measure spread, a concept of Rational Trigonometry.

I wrote a Java applet for ear training called Big Ears in the early days of Java. I hope to release the source code if I can ever locate it.

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